•20 years on the staff of Grand Rapids Community College as the senior administrator for community, business and workforce development

•Designed and provided education and training to thousands of members of the community who went directly to work for local employers or who went on to further educations before entering the workforce

•Administrative Team member that supported and worked directly with the Board of Trustees

•Strong passion for community colleges and their role in making communities better

•Statewide expert consultant with the Michigan Modernization Service

•Local, state, and national level reputation as a workforce development expert

•Directly consulted with more than 300 small and large businesses to assess and determine respond to their workforce needs

•Very broad and deep knowledge of current and future technology being used by businesses and the related skills and knowledge needed by employees

•Committed to follow the success of students entering employment or going on to additional education and use that information for continuous improvement of GRCC


•Bachelor's degree and graduate work in education, educational leadership and technology management all related to community college success

•Experience as small business owner operator in construction and sales

•Active member in the Statewide Michigan Community College Association of Presidents and Trustees for 10 years - 5 years as Executive Director for MCCA Workforce Development

•Experience working with elected officials and bureaucrats at the local, state, and national level

•Conducted 5 year Washington D.C., based national research project on workforce development to help community colleges prepare students for manufacturing employers

•Broad based and intimate knowledge and experience with community college funding, budgeting and expenditures

•Twenty-eight years experience and expertise using continuous quality improvement (CQI) both at businesses and GRCC

•Totally committed to continuous development and improvement of life in the Grand Rapids area


•I commit to devoting the time and energy to meeting with, and listening to anyone who wishes to provide input, ask questions or make suggestions about how the college's programs and services can best be directed meet the education and training needs of the community whether for direct entry to the workforce or continue to additional education

•As a lifelong resident of Grand Rapids I am committed to the continued success of GRCC

•As a continuous active learner and to prepare myself for the role of trustee, I have attended every GRCC Trustee meeting during the past year

•Coordinated and led the design, construction, and implementation of the  Applied Technology Center (ATC), and served as a advocate and consultant for the the college's M-TECs

•My four children, and I have all attended and benefited from GRJC/GRCC

•During my work in Washington, DC and Lansing, MI, I was committed to ensuring that GRCC was at the forefront of research and funding in Washington and building of its two M-TEC centers.
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